HISTORY: The company was founded in 1992 22 apr

           Mrs. Ecaterina Diulescu,
founder of the company, have theoretical knowledge about market economy, the Faculty of Economic Sciences, but not worked in business to date.
After 21 years of teaching activity as a teacher had to give a new start of life, because students have two children that must be supported. 

What to do?
-Capital .... 0 ...
-Practical knowledge in business .... Nothing ...

And still have something: .....

  1. Learn everything you could mother of manual work, especially manual knitting.
  2. imagination
  3. tenacity
  4. honor
  5. diligence
  6. curiosity

BEGINNING were 40 hand knitted sweaters even Ecaterina. Simona and Sorin, the two children of 20 and 19 years, were the first models. So first collection and first appeared catalog.

First appearance in the world was a TIBCO Fair International 1993, an opportunity to catch more courage and an invitation to the first international fair in Sweden.

Now you should read the novel "10-year needles in the world"

  1. visas fight, but pleased that so many people admire handicrafts made ​​in Romania;
  2. little money, but also pleased to see that you have not ever be allowed;
  3. Work in power, but as comprising experts;
  4. jealous in the country and friends all over the world;

Over 100 international fairs such as the London, Paris, New York, Naples, Geneva, Basel, Tel Aviv, Graz, Klagenfurt, Thessaloniki, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Romanian flag was raised only because a stand 12 m2 "family" KASIOVA delight toddlers with hand knitted sweaters.
In these fairs catalogs, alongside large firms is also KASIOVA company in Craiova, Romania.

Period of curiosity, knowledge of the past. Like any company, KASIOVA had to do business and make money.

In the period 2000-2008 there were large amounts lohn Business intaliene, French and German.

In 2009-2010 there were many attending events for fashion professionals. There was no opportunity to meet designers, suppliers, manufacturers as well as new and potential customers.

In conclusion, KASIOVA can cope with demanding international fashion market. As a result of the professionalism and experience of the team KASIOVA was moved to a higher stage - the production of knitted and crocheted hand luxury.

What we do now, that's our niche market that you respect and try to improve.

Remember, everything is made ​​by hand!

Classic and modern stitching ..

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